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Mansarovar Eye Hospital is a multi-speciality eye hospital having all facilities under one roof. This includes consultation with doctors, special investigations, medicines, eye glasses, contact lenses and eye surgery of many types.

The following facilities are available at the hospital:

Computerised Vision Testing

Vision testing and testing for spectacles is done on computerised machines by trained optometrists and verified by the doctors so that the correct prescription is given to patient.

Computerised Vision Testing
Computerised Vision Testing

Micro-Cataract Surgery

No admission – no injection – no stitches Most modern micro-incision cataract surgery called ‘phaco-emulsification’ using the smallest possible incisions is being done. We implant ‘foldable’ phaco lenses. Patients can go home immediately after the operation. There are no restrictions. They can start leading a near-normal life immediately. Results are excellent and near natural vision is restored.

Advanced premium lenses allow the correction of pre-existing visual defects like astigmatism. Dependence on glasses can be minimised with use of various available lens types. Each patient is offered a customised solution to meet his lifestyle & visual needs for a comfortable life.

Micro-Cataract Surgery
Refractive Laser Surgery


  1. Refractive Laser Surgery Unit ‘C-LASIK’

LASIK is the laser surgery for the removal of glasses. It is the most performed eye surgery in the world.

This is the first hospital in Lucknow to be equipped with a state-of-the-art ‘Excimer Laser’ with ‘wave-front’ technology imported from Japan. With the help of this fourth-generation machine it is possible to perform ‘customised LASIK’ for the removal of glasses. This is the most advanced form of LASIK.

We also offer true blade-less lasik making the procedure safer and virtually un-detectable.

2. I . C . L .

This is Implantable Contact Lens . It is another method available for getting rid of thick glasses. This involves the implantation of a specially made very thin lens in the eye so that extrnal glasses are no longer required. By this method those powers that are outside the range of LASIK can also be corrected

Cornea clinicPentacam , Topography, specular microscope & C3R

Cornea is the clear tissue in front of the eye very much like the wind-shield of a car or plane. Its clarity is of vital importance for good vision. It is often affected by infections, injuries, de-generations , congenital defects and other diseases affecting the body.

Our ulcer clinic is a specialised clinic for proper management of corneal infections & ulcers.

Highly specialised machines are essential for evaluating the cornea for various diseases mentioned above and also help us before cataract surgery in deciding the suitability of higher end IOLs. These equipment are available at selected clinics only.

C 3 R is atechnique for the strengthening of the cornea in cases of keratoconus and certain other conditions It is available at our hospital.

Cornea clinic – Pentacam

Eye Hospital in Lucknow

Glaucoma Clinic


To address this we offer the following advanced facilities:

  • Applanation tonometry, Gonioscopy and Disc Evaluation for detection of Glaucoma
  • Retinal Nerve Fibre Analysis by OCT to detect early damage by glaucoma
  • Optic Disc Photography to study disc changes in glaucoma and useful tool in follow up
  • Computerised Automated Perimetry (OCTOPUS, Switzerland) for the early diagnosis and follow-up of this un-relenting disease
  • LASER TREATMENT for prophylactic and therapeutic iridotomy in cases of narrow angle glaucoma AND Treatment of various types of Glaucoma with specialised SUBLIMINAL DIODE LASER 810 nm wavelength as per indications.
  • Advanced Glaucoma micro-surgery for various types of glaucoma
  • Glaucoma Valve Implant Surgery for Intractable and Complicated Cases
Glaucoma Valve Implant Surgery

Overcome Glaucoma with Extensive Care

Glaucoma is a debilitating eye disease that can cause blindness if left untreated. However, with early detection and treatment, most people with glaucoma can keep their vision. Undergo diagnosis and treatment from the best Glaucoma Specialist in Lucknow

Mansarovar Eye Hospital is one of the few hospitals in India that is dedicated to the treatment of glaucoma. Our team of specialists has years of experience in diagnosing and treating glaucoma, and we are committed to providing the best possible care to our patients.

Following Amenities will Aid in your Quick Recovery:

  • Applanation tonometry, Gonioscopy, and Disc Evaluation for detection of glaucoma
  • Retinal Nerve Fibre Analysis by OCT to detect early damage caused due to glaucoma
  • Optic Disc Photography to study disc changes in glaucoma and useful tool in follow up
  • Computerised Automated Perimetry (OCTOPUS, Switzerland) for the early diagnosis and follow-up of this unrelenting disease
  • LASER TREATMENT for prophylactic and therapeutic iridotomy in cases of narrow-angle glaucoma AND Treatment of various types of Glaucoma with specialized SUBLIMINAL DIODE LASER 810 nm wavelength as per indications.

If you are looking for quality care for your eyes and some of the best Glaucoma Specialists in Lucknow, then Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Get Advanced Retinal Disease Diagnosis from Retina Specialist in Lucknow

We understand that retinal diseases can be both frightening and debilitating, which is why we provide our patients with comprehensive care and support. We will work with you to develop a treatment plan that meets your individual needs, and we will be there every step of the way to ensure that you receive the best possible care.

We use the latest technology to diagnose and treat retinal diseases. Our team of retina specialists in Lucknow is highly skilled and experienced in treating all types of retina diseases.

If you are experiencing any problems with your vision, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you regain your vision.

FULLY EQUIPPED Medical and Surgical Retina Service and Macula Clinic

  • MULTI-MODAL HIGH RESOLUTION OCT & OCT-A or Ocular Coherence Tomography [From HEIDELBERG ENGINEERING, GERMANY] is the latest device for retinal imaging device to be available here. It is useful for the early & precise diagnosis of many retina conditions and is available only at very few hospitals of the country
  • DIGITAL FLUORESCEIN AND INDO-CYANINE GREEN ANGIOGRAPHY (HEIDELBERG ENGINEERING, GERMANY) to evaluate retinal status in various conditions like diabetic retinopathy, age related macular degeneration and various other vascular and inflammatory diseases
  • RETINAL LASER for retinal photocoagulation of diseases like diabetic retinopathy, Eale’s disease, other proliferative retinopathies and retinal degenerations, retinal holes and tears
  • VARIOUS TYPES OF INJECTIONS for treatment of cases of ARMD and other conditions
  • B-SCAN ULTRASONOGRAPHY for the diagnosis of various retinal conditions in the presence of opaque media
Medical and Surgical Retina Service

Retinal Surgery

Advanced SMALL INCSION – STITCH-LESS vitreo-retinal surgery for various conditions like vitreous haemorrhage, retinal detachment, diabetic retinopathy, macular hole, epiretinal membrane, dropped nucleus, intra-ocular foreign body, endophthalmitis, etc. We have the best imported vitreous surgery equipment called CONSTELLATION from Alcon, USA and & ‘ASSOCIATE’ from DORC, Holland.


Squint and Orthoptics Section

Expert technicians and equipment is available for the evaluation and treatment of squint, amblyopia and ocular muscle palsies asthenopia. Squint operations are done on regular basis with excellent results.

Before and after surgery
hania fatima
Before and after surgery

Oculoplasty Clinic

For the diagnosis and surgical treatment of abnormalities of the eyelids like drooping lids (Ptosis), in-turned (Entropion) or everted (Ectropion) eyelids, eyelid tumours, bulging eye-balls (Proptosis) due to various causes and intra-ocular and orbital tumours.

OT wide view

Operation Theatre

The OT is very well equipped with the latest and most advanced equipment including ‘Visu 200’ operating microscope by Zeiss, Germany, the Allergan (USA) and Alcon ‘LEGACY’ Phaco machines and top of the line vitro-retinal machines from Alcon, Greishaber (USA) and DORC (Holland) among others.

Electrodiagnostic Studies

Mansarovar Eye Hoapital is the only hospital in the city doing these electrodiagnostic tests comprising of ERG, EOG and VEP. These tests give useful information about certain conditions of the retina and cases of unexplained visual loss.


Why Should you Choose Us

We have the latest technology and the most experienced retina specialists in Lucknow.

  • High-Resolution Multi-Modal Ocular Coherence Tomography, also known as the most recent retinal imaging device to be made available here. It is only available at a very small number of hospitals across the nation and is helpful for the early & precise diagnosis of many retinal conditions.
  • Heidelberg Engineering, Germany’s DIGITAL Fluorescein and Indocyanine Green ANGIOGRAPHY, is used to assess the health of the retina in conditions such as diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration, and various other vascular and inflammatory diseases.
  • Use of Retinal Laser for the photocoagulation of the retina in the treatment of conditions like diabetic retinopathy, Eales’ disease, other proliferative retinopathies, retinal degenerations, retinal holes, and tears.

Therefore, if you are looking for a retina specialist in Lucknow, then Mansarovar Eye Hospital is the best option for you.


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